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26 March 2018

Kitchens & bathrooms : showcasing refinement

Cuisines et bains

Kitchens and bathrooms combine to provide simplicity of design in the service of comfort and quality of life.

Interior design follows cycles that incorporate every room in the house, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, from the bathroom to the living room. It seems that a unanimous movement will mark 2018, one of great refinement sometimes to the purest. Note however, that we are far from the cold elegance that marked the 90s of no compromise under the black and white banner. Place now goes to a clean but bright design, with all wiles excluded.
A concept largely initiated by Poggenpohl, the German manufacturer, often the pioneer of the most popular market trend. Like the +STAGE unit, equipped solely to suit personal habits, each user can define an individual theme and specially adapted equipment (breakfast, bar, wardrobe…), while responding to a unique design. Its slide-in doors disappear into the side walls to reveal maximum custom interior design.

In the field of kitchen planning, Leicht for its part presents a design concept integrating the living space of the kitchen in its overall environment, via a freely arranged cube forming a “room within a room”. Facing the island, it performs a multitude of functions connecting the kitchen with the rest of the habitat. Consequently, an even more user-friendly layout of the open plan kitchen becomes possible. The clear layout of the facades, in elegant matte white lacquer, matches the extremely refined architecture.

Another manifestation of this minimalist trend, the highend Spanish manufacturer Pando presents its first duo consisting of a hood and plate specially designed to work together optimally Combining an avant-garde retractable hood (Crystal) and an induction plate specially adapted in terms of functionality and aesthetics (PI-3’500), a simple idea that brings even more naturalness to the kitchen. The French brand Perene has also conducted a global reflection on kitchen design called “handle-less”, where “less” also means “more”: more flowing lines, more ergonomics and more features. Beyond purely stylistic criteria, this design is dictated by ergonomics, down to the smallest details, enabling door grips anywhere. The symmetrical layout, where horizontality and verticality are equal, is underlined by a profile that follows the overall kitchen lines.

New standards

On the bathroom side, Victoria + Albert presents Eldon, a bathtub with clean lines designed by the Conran + Partners studio. Minimalist and compact, Eldon is designed to lean gracefully against a wall and is therefore particularly suited to small bathrooms. The designers took up the challenge: to design a contemporary and compact bath while retaining the luxurious style. Mission accomplished, besides its singular style, Eldon has a flat surface to benefit storage space. No detail has been left to hazard: Conran + Partners created a vacuum under the bath for the passage of water flow…


Showers, once the poor relation of the bathroom, have now gained their laurels. Walk-in showers, in particular, are enjoying increasing popularity. In addition to their elegance, their ground level installation eliminates a falling risk and the bathroom gains in uniformity and space. When Bette introduced BetteFloor in 2006, the first floor-standing shower tray in vitreous titanium steel, it set a new standard in the highend design market. The German manufacturer is now expanding its BetteFloor and BetteFloor

side ranges with nine new ultra-flat shower tray sizes (up to 180 x 100 cm). These expanded formats open up new design perspectives, especially in the large surface area segment. And because the comfort of the bath also includes the warmth of a towel or bathrobe, let’s highlight the efficiency of the Redwell infrared towel warmers, whose “Booster” button starts the heater at full power within minutes. A solution at once aesthetic, economical and ecological. Consequently, exceptionally modern.